Pegasus And Boy

P egasus is the immortal winged horse from Greek mythology. Born out of the severed head of Medusa, Pegasus, through this birth, symbolises the transformation of darkness into light. After the stallion’s birth he rose to heaven to bring thunder and lightning from Zeus, the King of the Gods. According to legend, everywhere the winged horse struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring water spring burst forth. This is symbolic of the inspirational creative muse he later became for poetry, music and dance.
In my sculpture of Pegasus, a young boy braves the huge stallion. The young masculine is himself a symbol of new creativity. Whilst working on this sculpture in my ostler’s attic studio, I arrived one morning to see that a spider had woven a long, silken thread from the tip of one of the boy’s fingertips to the tip of one of the stallion’s ears.

Lesley Pover

The first in the edition for this sculpture was acquired by Eltham College, and was originally placed in the Mervyn Peake library.

The artist hopes that one day a life size statue can be realised from her original design.

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