About Lesley

L esley Pover has been a professional, figurative sculptress for 35 years.

She has been commissioned for numerous public and private commissions throughout the United Kingdom including a life size statue for Lambeth Palace Gardens, Central London, a larger than life size statue of Lord Admiral Nelson, sited in Greenwich London and a half life size statue of Eric Liddell sited in The Eric Liddell Sports Centre and Edinburgh University.

She has exhibited frequently in London, including The Royal College of Art Summer Exhibition, the Islington Art Fair, The Mall Galleries and The Society of Portrait Sculptors Annual Exhibition in Cork Street.

She was an adjudicator for the prestigious Frink School of Sculpture.

For many years an elected member of The Royal Society of British Artists, she won a distinction for the annual London exhibition The Discerning Eye.

Lesley has recently begun exhibiting in California where her works are gaining a strong following.

Her Process...

"The whole process for me is a descent into chaos and the unknown; the journey into the Labyrinth..."

"Working with people you are drawn to a predominant archetype or archetypes in their psyche. Without that, I feel the end result might be bland and without depth. The difficulty is that you are bridging the two sides of your brain, right and left, i.e feminine intuitive and masculine logic. Shakespeare and the Renaissance artists may possibly have been the last great artists to unite these opposites and give birth from that union. After them, the masculine principle held sway, and still does.

So in our time the bulk of artists and their true process are generally unacknowledged, marginalized members of society; unless they are able to be promoted by a gallery, and still hold true to their vision.

The world of the imagination is a strange realm, but for me, believing in its power is fundamental; it is the only thing that supports me in difficult times because for me it is a part of the sacred in life. But generally its power and purpose is not validated.

That is strange, because everything, from a cup to a bridge begins there."