Lesley Pover

Renowned and accomplished sculptor of fine art

Lesley Pover is a professional figurative sculptress. With 35 years of experience developing her own unique style of art, and working with materials such as bronze, porcelain, resin and fibreglass, wood, and plaster, Lesley casts an elegant shadow in the genre of modern sculpture. The inspiration for her work is drawn from things such as faces, animals, nature, movement, myths, archetypes, dreams and spirituality.


With previous works displayed in many prominent locations in the UK and abroad, Lesley’s unique ability to create fine art figurative sculptures mastered with a classic, delicate touch is incomparable.

Rather than being bound by one single medium, she prefers to utilize materials that reflect the true meaning of a subject, and exude feelings and experiences alongside physical appearance.

Many of the commissions Lesley has had the pleasure of creating are available in limited editions. If you spot anything you’re interested in, please contact her for more details.

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